Breanna Lynn

Motivational Speaker, Blogger, Singer-Songwriter

Meet Breanna

With a history in business building, social justice advocacy, entertainment, editorial work, motivational speaking, sales and web development, Breanna Lynn is a passionate pursuer of life with an insatiable curiosity. She has built two businesses, recorded multiple albums, and spoken to a diverse set of audiences on how to find fulfillment and purpose everyday. She currently lives in Austin, Texas.

Check out Breanna's newest EP, 'Getting Real':

The BEvalYOUable Story

BEvalYOUable is the culmination of the lessons that I have learned in my life and in my business pursuits. I wanted to create a place where the advice that I needed as I stumbled through figuring out what I wanted to do could all be centralized in short, story driven articles that were easy to read and relate to. This is a blog about being the best, most passionate and purpose driven you that you can be. It's about not settling for less and continually striving towards personal growth. BEvalYOUable was created to encourage you to reach for the stars while giving you solid advice on how to get into space.

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