Hi! I'm Breanna Lynn. Welcome to BEvalYOUable; a blog about living passionately, working purposefully, and being the best YOU in your career and in your life. Check out the categories below to read articles like, '7 Pros and Cons of Being Young in an Old Industry', 'How Your Choice in S.O. Can Make or Break Your Dream', and more. If you ever have questions about any of the articles or need career or life advice, please feel free to send me a message via my Contact page. I would love to chat!

A Purposeful Career

Want to find purpose in your job or create a business that gives you meaning? Here are some tips to follow and mistakes to avoid to feel challenged and fulfilled in your work.

A Passionate Life

Life is meant to be a great adventure! But sometimes it can feel complicated and directionless. Here are some ways to overcome self-created obstacles and live courageously.

Artful Inspiration

Sometimes words just aren't enough. Sometimes inspiration comes from art. Here is a compilation of playlists, books, articles, paintings, and podcasts that inspire me to live my fullest life!

What is BEvalYOUable?

I chose the name BEvalYOUable because every single one of us brings something unique and valuable to this world. There is NO ONE exactly like you out there! But the only way to give and get the most from this short life is to fully BE YOU. This website is full of articles about what I've learned from my victories and mistakes, ideas on how to overcome things that feel impossible and encouragement about how to live passionately and work purposefully - AKA, how to be the best YOU you can be to bring the most value to our world.

Be You